Welcome to the Price List.  ITs not too complicated but here's the basics

Initial Consultation

I never charge for the first Consultation, this gives you a chance to really interview me to see if im the right therapist for you, with no risk

  During this session you will get a whole shed load of brain hacking information that will educate you on why you are feeling the way that you do.

Special Opening Rate

Due to me starting my business I have decided to offer an introductory rate until September 2023.

Sessions will be charged at £65 if you take advantage of this rate

Standard Cost

My session rate after September 2023 will be £90

Reduced Session Rate

If you are on certain benefits and your circumstances warrant a reduced rate this will be negotiated with myself at Initial Consultation which is FREE so we can try to best get you on the road to your best self but not cause more stress.


After 01 September 2023

If you are able to block book there will be free sessions as a result of this:-

Block Book 6 sessions £450 (one session free)

Book Your Education Packed Initial Consultation!

There's nothing stopping you from contacting me and booking in your initial consultation to come meet me and start the journey to a better you