Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Fully qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist  for all of life's ups and downs

A single therapist practice offering comprehensive treatment for numerous problems mental health or physical

Services offered:-

Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy

I work with all ages from age 10 years to 110 years

I have an Enhanced DBS

All therapies offered are covered by professional insurance.


Committed to You Being the Best You Can Be

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy - 

Whether you want to quit  unwanted behaviours or improve your personal resilience; alleviate depression and anxiety, tackle a phobia or even to lose those unwanted pounds I am here to help you be the best version of you.


And expect to never have to discuss any distressing things as this therapy works without the pain of reliving the past.

Widening my scope of helping those who need it.

I was approached by a local General Practice Primary Care surgery to be endorsed on their in house infomercials and this is the video playing in two surgeries.

Appearance on international Trauma Therapist Podcast

The Trauma Therapist Podcast
with Guy MacPhearson

Here are the links to the two episodes i appeared in with the lovely Guy.

To listen and watch click here

The Trauma Therapist Podcast

October 2020

Revisiting Guy at TTT podcast

February 2024

First podcast published 12 October 2020
Click here to listen and watch

From Student to Graduate

I finalised my training as a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist on 11/06/2023

After 10 long months of learning, practice with actual real people and running my business as a student practitioner i got 'my stripes'.

My training was practical from day one in September 2022 and i have been seeing clients with real issues from the get go.  I have been vigorously tested and examined on the rigorous and science based approach of solution focused hypnotherapy throughout.

Ive been examined in neurology and also had professional supervision and support throughout and this will continue now I'm fully trained.

As a seasoned therapist in the NHS of over 20 years I was astounded that my training and continuing professional development did not cover the ability to teach our clients how their own minds and brains actually work.  

Throughout my student clinical practice my clients have all stated that the first session being taught that all these issues they are facing are perfectly normal and they are perfectly normal was a revelation and being given the power to manage their own minds and brains in such a pleasurable way was life changing.


So for anyone who is interested in the qualifications i have heres the list:

BSc (Hons) Psychology 2003

BSc (hons) Occupational Therapy 2005

Certificate in Counselling 2002

DSFH Diploma Solution Focused Hypnotherapy 2023

Behavioural Family Therapist 2010

Behavioural Family Therapist Accredited Trainer 2019

Sensory Integration Certificate 2013

Reiki Usui/Holy Fire III Level 1 2022

Reiki Usui/Holy Fire III Level 2 Practitioner 2022

Reiki Usui/Holy Fire III Level 3 Master Practitioner and Teacher 2023

Ayurvedic Health Counsellor (currently studying with Hale Pule)

I am also affiliated with:-

Association of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC)

National Council of Hypnotherapists NCH

Reiki Federation UK



This is a very informall video introducing me as a therapist, its really a warm hello.

 What can Hypnotherapy help you with:


Anxiety is more than just worry and can be a very life limiting condition to deal with, it can happen to anyone at anytime.  Solution Focused Hypnotherapy works with your own brain and your own goals to reduce this difficult condition

Depression and low mood

Depressive symptoms are the brain's frequently unhelpful way of trying to keep us safe and protected.  Learn how to neurohack your way around this

Sleep Problems

The vicious cycle of feeling the exhaustion of needing too much sleep then getting it and still feeling sluggish coupled with the circling thoughts keeping you awake and then the constant waking or nightmares or just weird dreams can all be helped with hypnotherapy.

All Phobias

4 Sessions of hypnotherapy is all it takes to deal with simple phobias that can get in the way of day to day functioning.

Some phobias are complex in nature and require a more lengthy treatment plan but this will be discussed at your initial consultation

Smoking/vaping cessation

1 2 hour session is all this takes for those wanting to quit smoking or even vaping

Weight Management

Want more control over your weight? Finding it hard to lose the inches for a special occasion or even struggling to put on a few pounds, hypnotherapy can help you get back in control

  • Mon – Sun
    • 24h


I work and have a passion for helping people overcome trauma patterns

Trauma resolution without dreading the past up, without constantly reliving the events leading to how you are feeling.

Image not feeling about yourself the way you have since the event happened, imagine getting to that point without the horror of telling that story over and over again actually without ever really having to explain any of it at all.

Want to try the Relaxation?

When thinking about hypnotherapy it sometimes reduces our trepidation to test out what that will feel like in the privacy of your own home.

Please do not listen to this video recording while operating any heavy machinery or driving.

This is my voice

So lie yourself back and enjoy that lovely sensation of your mind and body just relaxing itself into a receptive place where all the solutions to all of the problems lie in wait for you to tap into.



Initial Consultation       Free

Sessions                     £90 offers and package available



Words and feedback from those I have helped

Tracy’s hypnotherapy was nothing how I expected it to be. I was dealing with insomnia and I had a great deal of anxiety for most of my life. Through her guidance, she taught me that I had the answers to improve my life, and helped me discover the tools within my mind. I have realized my full potential, my worth and I have every reason to feel confident in my abilities. I haven’t slept this great, or woken up feeling peace in a long time. What she does is absolutely amazing!

TM UTAH 2023

MW UTAH 2023

I had my first hypnotherapy session and the difference is amazing sleeping anxiety feeling afraid overwhelmed, anxious all have improved. In one of our recent sessions. We did a rewind for phobias, and honestly the difference in being able to be present in moments where I was not before is huge. This journey of us working together has been one of the most beautiful and hardest things I’ve ever needed to do I am so very grateful for her love, guidance patience, and support. I know, without a doubt, without her, coaching me along the way, I would still be very lost.


CE Kansas 2023

I suffer from anxiety, it makes it hard to go to appointments and even just the store. Tracy helped me so much with hypnotherapy! I used to just stay home but now I am able to take my son to the park with minimal anxiety. My anxiety is no longer in control. I appreciated how accommodating she was with my schedule. I was always excited for our sesssions!

“WOW! I was not looking to seek therapy, but, what a difference it has made to my confidence, no more polar bears. Tracy's work is fantastic I would highly recommend"

Julie West Midlands 2023

Business Hours

To request a chat or appointment please Whatsapp 07576881271 or email

  • Mon – Sun
    • 24h

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